The AirMax V-Sweep is for single ship operations with an outrigger arm mounted to the ship that holds one end of the sweep open. This system allows for a single vessel to conduct containment operations – although a V-Sweep has a reduced encounter rate than a conventional oil spill containment boom array, it is easier to maintain in the correct configuration once deployed. An oil skimmer can be placed inside the apex of the boom.

The outrigger arm is fabricated in several sections to allow for shipping. This arm can be supplied in different lengths to suit the vessel, it comes with an articulated joint that mounts to the bulwark – it allows the arm to rise and fall with the waves and move fore and aft.

We can offer a boom reel for storage of one or more V-Sweeps. Note: It is helpful if the deployment boat is fitted with a suitable crane – both for handling the V-Sweep and a skimmer.

AirMax V-Sweep is a versatile inflatable oil spill containment boom sweep manufactured from high-quality Urethane fabric. AirMax is fabricated using a special process that ensures the best possible integrity of the air chambers.

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