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The Barrel-0-Boom System is a self-contained oil spill response kit that features self-inflating boom for fast, easy deployment. It has no valves and does not require any inflation equipment or special tools. Each system can easily be attached to another to meet any containment requirements. Each system includes up to 250ft of containment boom with built-in tow adaptors at each end, two tow bridles, two 75-foot tow lines, one packet of absorbent pads, and one plastic overpack barrel for storage and shipping. Recovery is quick and easy with use of the compaction rope. Pulling the rope from one end of the boom quickly deflates and compacts the boom. The compacted boom is then ready to re-pack into the barrel for storage until next deployment.

  • No valves and does not require any inflation equipment
  • Can be re-packed into the barrel for storage
  • Compactible boom

Barrel-O-Boom Photos

Barrel-O-Boom Video

Barrel-O-Boom Specification Chart
Length200, 225 and 250 ft / 60, 68 and 76 m50, 100, and 150 ft / 15, 30 and 150 m
Float Diameter6 inch / 15 cm8 inch / 20 cm
Skirt Length8 inch / 20 cm12 inch / 30 cm
Freeboard5 inch / 13 cm7 inch / 18 mm
Draft9 inch / 23 cm13 inch / 33 cm
Tensile Strength300 lb/inch (2,640 N/50 mm)330 lb/inch (2,900 N/50 mm)
Compaction Ratio12:112:1
Operating Temperature-40º to +160º F / -40º to +71º C-40º to +160º F / -40º to +71º C