RubberMax V-Sweep is an inflatable boom system for sweeping oil from single-ship operations. An optional outrigger arm holds one end of the sweep open in a side sweep arrangement. The boom geometry is held in a V configuration to form a pocket of oil that can be recovered by most oil skimmers.

The optional outrigger arm is fabricated in several sections to allow for shipping. The arm can be supplied in different lengths to suit the vessel. An articulated joint that mounts to the bulwark allows the arm to rise and fall with the waves and move fore and aft.

RubberMax inflatable oil containment boom is produced with the latest materials and techniques. The materials have been extensively tested according to ASTM and military standards including puncture and abrasion resistance as well as tear and tensile strength. The construction has two plies of polyester reinforcing fabric coated in synthetic rubber with compounds which are resistant to the elements and oil.

RubberMax has two plies of superior nylon/polyester reinforcing fabric offering higher puncture resistance. RubberMax is designed with a high buoyancy to weight ratio, providing the boom with excellent wave riding and oil retention characteristics. It lies flat when stowed, optimizing storage space.

The boom is supplied with ASTM compliant interchangeable end connectors for rapid coupling of sections and towing of equipment. RubberMax boom has individually filled air chambers, each chamber is equipped with its own built-in non-return valve. Around it, a rubber collar is vulcanized protecting the valve against damage during deployment and storage on the boom reel.

The RubberMax V-Sweep can be delivered in a crate or on a custom reel that will fit in a container (optional).

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