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Portable Blowers for Inflatable Oil Boom

Elastec offers portable blowers for inflatable oil spill containment boom.

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Backpack portable blower for inflatable oil boom
Elastec portable blower unit
Using a portable blower to inflate oil spill containment boom

Portable Blowers For Inflatable Oil Boom

Elastec offers a choice of portable blowers for inflatable oil boom. These range from portable, lightweight backpack sytle units to high output diesel and hydraulic driven units.

The backpack style inflator is typically used with smaller containment booms where they have to be carried for example along a beach. These may be small inflatable oil booms or tidal compensator booms ( ShoreMax ).

For larger inflatable booms such as the AirMax and RubberMax the backpack inflator may be used however they benefit from portable blowers with higher capacity such as our diesel driven units. The diesel engine offers a higher level of reliablity and integrity when working from a ship.

Our high output air blower / inflator can also be offered within a boom reel control stand and powered hydraulically.

Contact us for details and recommendations.