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Airmax inflatable oil containment boom

The AirMax line of inflatable oil spill containment booms is designed for compact storage and quick deployment during oil spill response

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AirMax - Inflatable Oil Spill Containment Boom

AirMax is a versatile inflatable oil spill containment boom manufactured from high quality Urethane fabric. The AirMax range of containment booms are designed for compact storage and quick deployment - important characteristics when dealing with a oil spill response.

AirMax is fabricated using a durable fabric using a special process that ensures the best possible integrity of the air chambers. The high visibility orange fabric greatly assists mariners and vessel operators avoid a potential navigational hazard. As an added safety feature the hot galvanized steel ballast chain is enclosed in a reinforced fabric pocket to prevent entanglements and pinch points for operators. This chain also acts as a tension member for added strength and resistance of towing forces. End connectors are fitted with Zinc anodes.

The high buoyancy to weight ratios of the AirMax inflatable oil spill containment boom provides excellent wave conformance and oil retention characteristics.

High capacity air blowers are available to rapidly fill the individual air chambers as the boom is deployed into the water.

The AirMax boom can be supplied in a V-Sweep configuration for single vessel systems. Larger models are typically supplied on boom reels.