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BoomVane Boom Deployment device

BoomVane is designed for deploying boom during an oil spill response situation in rivers or with a single vessel

BoomVane simplifies the challenges of boom deployment
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BoomVane™ Boom Deployment Device

The BoomVane™ is a device for deploying oil containment boom into rivers and other waterways by harnessing the power of the current.

BoomVane™ is a powerful device allowing for rapid oil spill boom deployment in a wide range of environments such as rivers, canals and estuaries without the use of boats, anchors or fixed installations. The BoomVane™ can also be towed with a boat to operate a single vessel sweep system without the need for an outrigger arm.

A cascade of vertical vanes under the wave-rider float allow the BoomVane™ to advance against the water current at speeds of 0.5 to >5 knots. The light weight design and control rudder allows for easy retrieval and re-launching. BoomVane™ also folds up for compact storage and transport in boats and utility vehicles. It can be reassembled without tools in minutes.

WESTERN CANADIAN SPILL SERVICES LTD., an oil spill cooperative, provides contract training. This video is an example of their Elastec BoomVane procedures.

.5m BoomVane™

0.5 BoomVane Shallow River Boom DeploymentThe 0.5m BoomVane™ is designed for shore based river operations in shallow waters (less than 1 m / 3ft). It may also be deployed off a towing vessel to reach near the shoreline with booms and absorbents, where it is too shallow for the vessel.

1m BoomVane™

1.0 BoomVane Deploying Boom In RiverThe 1.0m BoomVane™ is the original unit designed for both shore based and vessel sweep applications, to deploy shallow and medium draught oil booms as well as containment and recovery systems in rivers and coastal waters.

1.5m BoomVane™

1.5 BoomVane Being Lowered Into WaterA new intermediate sized 1.5m BoomVane™ is designed to handle larger or longer amounts of oil spill boom or sweep systems

2m BoomVane™

2.0 BoomVane Deployed In OceanThe largest BoomVane™ we currently build, it is designed for coastal and offshore single vessel operations with medium to large oil booms and advancing containment and recovery systems.

BoomVane Size Comparison

All BoomVane™ models are self-balancing - no adjustments or trimming is required.

Covered by multiple international patents and patents pending.

BoomVane Spray Dispersant Application System