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Offshore Oil Spill Response Equipment

Offshore and open water oil spill response equipment.

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Offshore Oil Spill Response Using Boom
Deploying Offshore Oil Spill Containment Boom
BoomVane For Offshore Oil Spill Response

Offshore Oil Spill Response Equipment

For offshore oil spill response, we manufacture fire boom, inflatable oil containment boom (AirMax and Rubbermax), high capacity weir skimmers, offshore rated catamarans (FastCat), Neatsweep and Elaspray systems. The Ocean BoomVane can be used for towing large offshore booms.

Fire Boom - We manufacture two models of fire boom. Hydro-Fire® Boom and American Fireboom were the most effective form of oil removal during the 2010 Gulf of Mexico spill.

X150 Skimmer Launching System - The X150 Skimmer Launching System is a revolutionary technology for offshore and nearshore oil spill response. The centerpiece of the new launching system is Elastec’s X150 skimmer, the first commercial model developed incorporating the company’s patented grooved disc technology that won the X Prize Foundation’s Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE.

Magnum100 and Magnum200 - Our four drum oil skimmers have very high buoyancy, coupled with a lightweight design make them easy to handle and very response to wave movements.

Weir Skimmers - Our SeaSkater and OceanSkater are unique weir skimmers. Their frame floats above the water giving them a shallow draft. The triangular design provides excellent wave conformance and strength.

RubberMax - This inflatable boom is highly robust and available in a range of sizes up to 1.8m tall. Supplied on heavy-duty steel reels this is the strongest inflatable boom we offer. AirMax inflatable boom provides a lighter alternative.

FastCat – An offshore rated workboat that is capable of transporting and operating equipment far from shore.

NeatSweep – A unique system that concentrates oil on the surface of water before applying oil spill dispersant chemical.

ElaSpray - An on board dispersant system for mounting on response vessels such as tug boats and supply vessels, the ElaSpray draws oil spill dispersant chemical from tanks and delivers it via two spray arms to the waters surface.

Ocean BoomVane - Ocean BoomVane has undergone extensive towing trials in Norway, Canada and Alaska. It is proven to handle the largest oil containment booms offshore, avoiding the need for costly secondary tow boats.