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Foam Filled Oil Spill containment booms

Elastec manufactures foam-filled oil spill containment booms, including fence booms and curtain booms for oil spill response

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Foam Filled Oil Spill Containment Booms

Foam floatation oil spill containment booms – standard booms always in stock ready for immediate shipment. Offered with a choice of fabrics.

Fence oil spill booms in water

Economax - flat panel floats allow this boom to be folded into compact parcels
MiniMax – fence booms for inland use
MaxiMax – a boom with minimal volume and reeling and fast deployment
PermaFence – permanent oil spill containtment booms for around-theclock protection
FlexiBelt - a unique "sprung" containment booms used by ships during refueling and product transfer

Curtain booms in water

SuperSwamp – the smallest boom for creeks, mangroves and swamps
Simplex – ideal for inland waters with cylindrical foam floats
OptiMax – a fast current boom fitted with top cable
SuperMax – our largest curtain booms for open water
TundraGuard - for use in shallow calm water environments where the water level may fluctuate