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Rubbermax Inflatable Containment Boom

RubberMax is an inflatable oil spill containment boom designed with a high buoyancy to weight ratio for excellent wave riding characteristics

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RubberMax inflatable containment boom stored on Boom Reel
RubberMax inflatable boom being deployed in water
RubberMax inflatable oil spill containment boom in ocean

RubberMax - Inflatable Oil Containment Boom

The RubberMax inflatable oil spill containment boom is manufactured from vulcanized Neoprene and Hypalon with two plies of reinforcing fabric. The bright orange (or black ) fabric is capable of withstanding degradation from sun, sea and oil. It lays flat when stowed - optimizing storage space. RubberMax is designed with high buoyancy to weight ratio - providing the boom with excellent wave riding and oil retention characteristics. .

As an added safety feature the galvanized steel chain is enclosed in a reinforced fabric pocket to prevent entanglements and pinch points for operators. This chain also acts as a tension member for added strength and resistance of towing forces. The boom is supplied with ASTM compliant end connectors for rapid coupling of sections.

The RubberMax inflatable boom is a heavy-duty boom with excellent resistance to sunlight, puncture, abrasion and tearing. The bright orange Neoprene/Hypalon mix reflects the UV rays better than black booms, potentially extending service life. It is available in a variety of sizes. A steel boom reel fitted with a heavy-duty gearbox is normally part of the system for larger models.

As standard the RubberMax range of containment booms are supplied in manageable section lengths. Should one part of the boom become damaged only a short section of boom has to be removed for service, leaving the bulk of the boom in operation.

The Rubbermax inflatable oil spill containment boom has individually filled air chambers, each chamber being equipped with the patented valve. This valve has a rubber collar for protection. High capacity air blowers rapidly fill the individual air chambers as the boom is deployed into the water.

The RubberMax boom can be supplied in a V-Sweep configuration for single vessel systems. Larger models are typically supplied on boom reels.