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Oil Spill Containment Booms for use in offshore, nearshore, fast current and calm water applications.

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Oil Spill Containment Booms

Our oil spill containment booms division has been manufacturing quality products since 1967. We manufacture products that exceed customer expectations for offshore, nearshore, fast current and calm water applications. OVER A MILLION FEET OF BOOM & CURTAIN SOLD WORLDWIDE!

Foam filled containment boom in water

Standard booms always in stock ready for immediate shipment. Foam buoyancy oil spill containment booms are typically used in ports, harbors and inland environments.

Inflatable oil containment boom in water

With compact storage dimensions, this type of boom is ideal for vessel deployment. Available in Urethane and Rubber materials

Boom reels for containment boom storage

Boom reels available in standard sizes or custom built to client requirements.

Boom reel power units - diesel or electrically operated, fitted with controls for the safe operation of the reel.

Containment boom anchors and accessories

Anchor systems, tow bridles, lights, repair kits and much more.