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Portable pumps that can handle wide variety of liquids including heavy and contaminated oils

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Portable Pumps - submersible screw & centrifugal, peristaltic, diaphragm, high pressure

We offer a full range of pumps for use in oil spill and remediation projects plus general duties. Contact us with your requirements ( head, suction lift, flow rate, viscosity etc )

E370 - Portable trash pump

A trash pump suitable for a variety of applications - liquid transfer, flushing, dewatering, etc. This versatile pump is constructed with a Die-Cast Aluminum pump housing, with close coupled recoil start Yanmar diesel, mounted on baseplate with vibration mounts.

E600 - High Capacity Water Pump

The E600 is a diesel driven high flow water pump that can be used for a variety of roles including fire fighting, water transfer, dewatering and liquid transfer. Mounted in a robust steel cage frame with fork pockets, central lift point and rubber mounts, it is offered with a choice of diesel engines.

Hydraulically Operated Pressure Washer (HOP)

The HOP is a powerful mobile high pressure water pump driven by a hydraulic motor. It is ideal for responders with hydraulic power units on site such as our D10 and D20 skimmer power packs. It can also be run from a PACS vacuum trailer.

Hydraulically driven submersible pumps

We produce a range of high volume, all purpose centrifugal pumps. These lightweight and compact pumps are very forgiving and can be run dry without damage. They can also pass solids.

ES400 Helical Screw Pump

The ELASTEC ES400 is a highly versatile and robust helical screw pump that is capable of handling a wide variety of liquids including heavy and contaminated oils.

E110 Peristaltic Pump

The ELASTEC E110 Peristaltic pump can transfer a wide variety of liquids and oils without emulsification of oil and water mixtures. The pump is able to run dry and generate suction. The E110 is ideal for abrasive and shear sensitive liquids, with a gentle pump action. It can pump media with entrained solids. The media has unobstructed flow through the pump.

Diaphragm Pumps

We provide air, hydraulic and diesel driven diaphragm pumps to compliment our oil skimmers.