Elastec peristaltic pumps can transfer a wide variety of liquids and oils without emulsification of oil and water mixtures. The pumps are able to run dry and generate suction. Peristaltic pumps are ideal for abrasive and shear sensitive liquids, with a gentle pump action. We also offer a version of this pump with wheels for easy manuevering.

E110: The E110 peristaltic pump can pump media with entrained solids. The media has unobstructed flow through the pump. The internal hose can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement. It is fitted with an oil resistant Nitrile rubber (NBR) internal hose and 2 inch / 50 mm suction and discharge with a capacity of up to 110 gpm / 25 cu. m per hour. The pump is powered by a hand start diesel engine mounted in epoxy painted steel roll cage frame.

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