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Lobe Pump

The Elastec Lobe pump is a heavy-duty diesel driven or electric pump set, the lobe pump is capable of handling solids and viscous materials. For industrial or oil spill applications up to for product transfer such as filling and emptying trucks and transferring slurry between pits. Matched to an electric start 9hp / 6.7kW diesel engine the pump can deliver up to 159 gpm / 36 m3/h @ 58 psi / 4 bar.

Run Dry: The pump is capable of dry running for a period up to 30 minutes without damage

Self Priming: Up to 25 ft (wet)

Solids Handling: The lobe design handles tough applications where large solids may be present in the liquid. The two-wing design has a cavity between the lobes and housing - facilitating solids.

  • Capable of running dry
  • Self Priming
  • Able to handle applications where large solids may be present
  • Available in diesel or electric

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