Elastec offers a line of hydraulically driven submersible pumps for a variety of applications. These lightweight and compact pumps are very forgiving and can be run dry without damage. They can also pass solids.

E150: The E150 hydraulically driven submersible pump is ideal for recovered oil transfer operations as well as other duties. The pump is constructed with low weight and power consumption in mind. This portable and versatile all-purpose submersible pump may also be used for bilge pumping, job site dewatering and transferring oil from barges, bladders and other temporary storage devices. The E150 pump is offered with the Elastec TDS118TDS136 and Magnum 100 drum oil skimmer packages.

ES400: The Elastec ES400 helical screw pump represents a new standard in high head, heavy oil pumping systems. Designed with a new helical screw impeller, the ES400 has superior solids handling capabilities while maintaining high head pressure, all in a lightweight portable pump! The pump is offered for use with our lightweight drum oil skimmers and matched to our diesel hydraulic power pack. The pump can be used in-line for boosting oil flow.

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