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The Elastec TDS118 floating drum oil skimmer (Specs) is available in pneumatic or hydraulic motor for oil spill response or industrial use. Due to its shallow draft and light weight, the TDS118 is ideal for cleanup in creeks, rivers and lakes. It is equally at home in an industrial American Petroleum Institute (API) separator. It is capable of recovering a wide range of oils. View our guide for drum oil skimmer configurations. The TDS118 has been tested at Ohmsett to substantiate its nameplate capacity and efficiency. Fill out our questionnaire and tell us about your project.

CE mark

The TDS118 skimmer features heavy-duty high density Polyethylene drums, which are resistant to impact and abrasion. They not only serve as the rotating oleophilic element that selectively recovers the oil from water, they also provide buoyancy for the skimmer. The skimmer can draw oil in from all directions. The drum material is resistant to many chemicals found in industrial pits, sumps, separators and tanks. The self-adjusting wiper blades recover oil from the face and side of the drums as they rotate. The wipers can easily be replaced without tools.

Drive is provided for the drums by a centrally mounted gearbox (provides even weight distribution), this gearbox provides the torque necessary to turn the drums in heavy oils as well as allowing for fine control of the drum speed. The drum shafts are supported by self-aligning bearings. This is all mounted in a lightweight anodized marine grade aluminum frame, or a polyethylene HD frame- which adds further chemical and acid resistance; the open and steeply inclined pathways, the recovered oil is directed to the collection sump. The open design facilitates cleaning and removal of any debris or trash. A removable trash screen prevents larger items entering the recovered oil pump.

The TDS118 is capable of recovering both light and heavy oils with very low water content - typically around only 3%. It may be fitted with either an air or hydraulic drive motor. We offer a choice of pumps in different materials to suit the application.

The aluminum frame skimmer may be fitted with steam coils as an option to provide heat that warms the oil that’s being recovered (to aid pumping and prevent freezing) as well as melting ice surrounding the skimmer.

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  • Recover light & heavy oils
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Tested to ASTM Standard F2709
  • Grooved drums available for enhanced oil recovery rates (ORR)

TDS118 Photos

TDS118 Video

Skimmer Variants

Due to its shallow draft and light weight, the ELASTEC TDS118 is ideal for cleanup in creeks, rivers and lakes. It is equally at home in an industrial American Petroleum Institute (API) separator. It is capable of recovering a wide range of oils. The TDS118 has been tested at Ohmsett to substantiate its nameplate capacity and efficiency. Two frame materials are available depending on the nature of your application.

FrameAnodized AluminumPolyethylene HDPolyethylene HD
Drums (Smooth & Grooved)Polyethylene HDPolyethylene HDPolyethylene HD
Drum ShaftsAluminumAluminumStainless Steel
GearboxEpoxy PaintedEpoxy PaintedPowder Coated
Bearings / U JointSteelSteelStainless Steel
Wiper RetainerAluminumAluminumStainless Steel
Suction Hose CouplingAluminumPolyPoly
DrivePneumatic or HydraulicPneumatic or HydraulicPneumatic

TDS118 may be supplied with an Anodized Aluminum or Polyethylene HD frame.

TDS118 oil skimmer with anodized aluminum frame

Anodized Aluminum

This skimmer is widely used in the Palm Oil industry for the recovery of waste oils. TDS118 is capable of withstanding these temperatures as well as the corrosive conditions.

TDS118 oil skimmer with Polyethylene frame


For acidic environments the polyethylene construction may be used while the shafts and bearings are upgraded to stainless steel. For the copper mining industry, recovering organic oils in acidic ponds, we offer the CRX model, which has upgraded components.

Drum Configurations

Elastec offers a full lineup of innovative Grooved Drum, Brush and Discs inserts for our well-proven range of skimmers. These inserts represent patented technology that not only enhance recovery rates, but also expand the viscosity range that can be collected. All inserts retain the lightweight and shallow draft features of the skimmer head that is so popular with responders. Drum inserts are interchangeable in the field with minimal tools and effort. The skimmers can be supplied with just brush or disc or drum setup as per preference and requirement. Brush and disc assemblies can be dismantled for decontamination / cleaning.

Smooth drum

Smooth Drum

Grooved drum

Grooved Drum

Brush drum

Brush Drum

Disc drum

Disc Drum

TDS118 Oil Skimmer Specifications

Smooth Drum Nameplate Capacity:35 gpm / 8 cu.m per houer*
Grooved Drum Nameplate Capacity:102 gpm / 23 cu.m per hour**
Number of Drums:2 (Polyethylene HD)
Weight83 lb / 37.6 kg
Dimensions52.5 x 40.5 x 18 inch / 1.33 x 1.02 x 0.46 m
Application Industrial, Inland, Harbor

*Nameplate capacity verified by the US Coast Guard.
**Tested at the Ohmsett test facility according to ASTM F2709.

Power and Pump Configurations

Hydraulically Driven Skimmer and Pump

TDS118 Skimmer with diesel hydraulic configuration

Power Unit + Pump Configuration

TDS118 skimmer diesel hydraulic configuration with lobe pump

Power Unit + Lobe Pump Configuration

Air Operated Skimmer and Pump

TDS118 skimmer with pneumatic setup

Elastec pneumatic skimmers are fitted with air motors that conform to EC Directive 94/9EC (ATEX 100a) for zones 1 and 2 (Group II, category 2, Gas and Dust Atmospheres) and a maximum surface temperature of 275 F / 135 C.

Air requirements;
Skimmer only: 5 to 15 cfm , 50 to 100 psi.
Skimmer and E1 pump : 10 to 35 cfm, 50 to 100 psi.

Oil Skimmer Questionnaire

Thank you for considering the Elastec Oil Skimmers. Please complete a few simple questions that will help define your requirement .