Elastec helical screw pumps are highly versatile and robust helical screw pumps that are capable of handling a wide variety of liquids including heavy and contaminated oils. The chrome carbide coated impeller and volute is coupled with a lightweight casing. These pumps are able to generate high discharge pressure and flows. They are capable of running dry and handling solids and only weigh 47 lbs / 21 kg.

ES400: The Elastec ES400 helical screw pump represents a new standard in high head, heavy oil pumping systems. Designed with a new helical screw impeller, the ES400 has superior solids handling capabilities while maintaining high head pressure, all in a lightweight portable pump! The pump is offered for use with our lightweight drum oil skimmers and matched to our diesel hydraulic power pack. The pump can be used in-line for boosting oil flow.

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