The Hydraulically Operated Pressure Washer (HOP) is a powerful mobile high-pressure water pump driven by a hydraulic motor. It is ideal for oil spill responders with hydraulic power units on site such as our D10 and D20 skimmer power packs. It can also be run from a PACS vacuum trailer.

The HOP is capable of generating 1200 psi pressure, 83 bar with cold water output of 3.5 gpm, 13 lpm. Water can be supplied from tanks or other sources. The system is supplied complete with water feed hose, high-pressure hose, pump and adjustable spray wand.

The HOP is an ideal inexpensive accessory for oil spill response operations, it is simply connected to a standard Elastec hydraulic power unit, water supply and it is ready for decontamination duties.

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