Elastec manufactures centrifugal pumps that are suitable for a variety of applications including liquid transfer, flushing, dewatering, etc. These pumps can be either hydraulically driven or driven by an engine, depending on the application and model. Contact us to discuss your project specifications.

E150 pump

E150: The E150 is a lightweight hydraulically driven submersible pump that is ideal for recovered oil transfer operations as well as other duties. The pump is constructed with low weight and power consumption in mind. This portable and versatile all purpose pump may also be used for bilge pumping, job site dewatering and transferring oil from barges, bladders and other temporary storage devices.

E16 centrifugal pump

E16: The E16 is a self-priming centrifugal pump driven by a powerful diesel engine mounted in a portable frame with wheels, ideal for site work (dewatering, transfer of liquids etc). It is capable of creating vacuum sufficient to lift liquids from heights up to 25 ft / 7.5 m above the source. Once primed, the pumps built-in flapper valve will maintain a full column of liquid in the suction line. Standard features include stainless steel drive sleeve and fasteners, renewable wear plate and a semi-open dynamically balanced impeller. The Cast Iron pump casing paired with stainless steel components will handle a wide range of Agricultural and Marine applications. The pump is paired with a compact, three-cylinder liquid-cooled industrial diesel engine, offering clean and quiet power.

E370 pump

E370: The Elastec E370 is a high volume lightweight all purpose trash pump suitable for a variety of applications – liquid transfer, flushing, dewatering etc*. This versatile pump is constructed with a Die-Cast Aluminum pump housing, with close coupled recoil start Yanmar diesel, mounted on baseplate with vibration mounts. The assembly is mounted in a stainless steel roll cage.

* Note: This pump is not approved for pumping flammable liquids

E600 pump
E600 back view

E600: The E600 is a diesel driven high flow water pump that can be used for a variety of roles including fire fighting, water transfer, dewatering and liquid transfer. Mounted in a robust steel cage frame with fork pockets, central lift point and rubber mounts, it is offered with a choice of diesel engines. The E600 is fitted with a hand operated priming pump, pressure and engine gauges. The frame is fitted with a hose rack (hoses are available as an optional extra). Supplied with fabric cover.

Cast iron impeller and housing with bronze wear ring, packed seal configuration. Replaceable stainless steel shaft sleeve is standard, providing maximum corrosion resistance while minimizing shaft wear.

Volute case – the back pullout design allows easy removal and repair without disturbing piping connections, and completely exposes the impeller for flushing or service. The heavy-duty pump power frame is designed for durability delivering in excess of 20,000 hours of bearing life. It includes large shaft and grease-for-life sealed bearings to handle the toughest conditions with less maintenance and more reliability.


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