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Siltmax TurbiDity Curtains

Elastec manufactures SiltMax Turbidity Curtains for silt control during construction, and dredging projects

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SiltMax Turbidity Curtains

Siltmax staked turbidity curtain illustration

SiltMax staked turbidity curtains are silt barriers designed to control sediment and runoff at construction sites. SiltMax silt curtains are designed for easy deployment and meet the requirements of the Federal and State clean water requirements

SiltMax type 1 economy turbidity curtain

For Use in canal, ponds, and reservoirs, the SiltMax Econo silt curtain is compact for easy storage and economical for tight budgets. SiltMax Econo curtain has an impermeable construction.

SiltMax DOT type 1 turbidity curtain

For use in inland waterways, the SiltMax DOT floating turbidity curtain is specifically designed to meet and exceed US Department of Transportation (DOT) and other regulatory requirements for turbidity control in Type I conditions. SiltMax Type 1 DOT is offered with permeable and impermeable skirt options.

SiltMax DOT Type 2 Turbidity Curtain

Suitable for mild currents, waves, and wind the SiltMax Type II DOT is designed for rapid deployment, east storage and handling. It is also appropriate for most regulated applications. SiltMax Type II is offered with impermeable and permeable options.

SiltMax DOT Type 3 Turbidity Curtain

For use in tidal zones, rivers, and bays the SiltMax Type III silt curtain is engineered for medium flows to allow for passage of water through the curtain while retaining the silt and sediment. The sturdy design ensures great performance while resisting clogging. Siltmax Type III meets AASHTO M-288-92 Erosion Class A. Permeable Woven geotextile is standard.