Elastec offers a full range of accessories to facilitate the deployment, anchoring and securing of turbidity curtains. Contact us and we can help develop a complete list of equipment for your unique construction or dredging project. These accessories help to improve the performance and lifespan of your turbidity barriers, and can make them easier to use in a variety of conditions.

1m BoomVane card


Fabric repair kit card

Boom Repair Kit

Boom stand-off card

Boom Stand Off

Boom connector card

Connectors and Bridles

Containment boom anchors card

Boom Anchors

Magnetic boom connector card

Magnetic Hull Connector

Tidal compensator card

Tidal Compensator

Elastec containment boom accessories include:

  • Tidal compensators: These allow the turbidity curtain to ride up and down on piles or fixed structures such as docks, pilings or piers.
  • Magnetic hull connectors: The Elastec Magnetic Hull Connector is used to attach a small turbidity curtain to the hull of a ship or other flat metal surface, creating a tight seal. This allows responders to encircle a ship, containing the spread of silt and sediment and increasing the effectiveness of turbidity control operations.
  • BoomVane: BoomVane™ is a welcome advancement in technology, simplifying the challenges of barrier deployment in fast water and from advancing vessel systems.
  • Anchors: These are used to secure turbidity barriers in place. There are a variety of different types of anchors available, depending on the water depth, bottom conditions, and size of the barrier.
  • Repair kits: These allow you to quickly repair small tears or punctures in barriers. Having a repair kit on hand can help you to quickly respond to damage and keep your containment system operational.
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