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SiltMax Type I DOT

For use in inland waterways, the SiltMax Type I DOT Turbidity Curtain (Specifications) is specifically manufactured to meet and exceed U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and other regulatory requirements for silt control in Type I calm conditions. SiltMax Type I DOT is offered with impermeable and permeable options.

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SiltMax Type I DOT is our most popular calm water silt curtain and is always in stock. For calm water conditions this Type I DOT silt barrier makes an excellent choice for silt and sediment control and meets regulatory and inspection requirements. SiltMax Type I is designed specifically for silt control in road-side ditches, canals, small ponds, and lakes. This curtain delivers high performance with a low cost.

Depths other than 5 ft are available by request and are available in a few days. Contact us for pricing and availability.

  • Water Conditions: calm (lakes, ponds, canals)
  • Section Lengths: 50 ft and 100 ft
  • Availability: 5 ft Depth - typically in stock

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SiltMax Type 1 DOT Turbidity Curtain Specifications

Fabric18 oz. Vinyl Laminated Fabric
ColorSafety Yellow
Flotation Size6 inch Square EPS Marine Quality
Net Buoyancy6 inch / 15 cm - 13 lb./ft. / 19.2 kg/m
Load Carrying ComponentsFabric and 1/4 inch Galvanized Steel Chain
Breaking Strength5,000 lb. / 2,267 kg
Ballast0.72 lb. per foot Galvanized Chain
Section ConnectionsLaced Grommets, Chain to Chain
Available DepthsStandard 5 ft. (other depths available on request)
LengthStandard is 100 ft. or 50 ft.

Turbidity Curtain Questionnaire

In order that we may recommend the best Turbidity Curtain for your project, please provide the following information. We have included some questions that will help us better understand your needs. Please answer as many as possible. If the flow rate is high, Elastec can provide modeling data to determine anchor spacing and feasibility of systems.

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