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Type II FastWater Screen

Fastwater Screen Type II DOT Turbidity Curtain (Specifications) is a durable premium curtain for rivers, streams, and lakes where moving water, winds, and waves are present. This rugged turbidity curtain design has proven itself in dredging, construction, and remedial applications. It is available in impermeable and permeable options.

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Elastec Fastwater Type II DOT Screen is a heavy duty river curtain that can handle moderate to strong flows and some wave action. This curtain can be customized to fit the application. It has been well tested throughout the world on short and long-duration projects in various moving water conditions. For projects requiring durability and longevity, our FastWater Screen a proven barrier.

Depths other than 5 ft and 100 ft are available by request and are available in a few days. Contact us for pricing and availability.

  • Water Conditions: moving water, moderate currents (rivers, lakes, streams)
  • Section Lengths: 50 ft and 100 ft
  • Readily available in 5 ft and 100 ft depths

Type II FastWater Screen Photos

Type II FastWater Screen Video

Type 2 FastWater Screen Turbidity Curtain Specifications

Fabric22 oz. vinyl coated fabric
Size8 inch / 20 cm up to 10 ft / 3 m depth

12 inch / 30 cm - 11 ft / 3.3 m to 17 ft / 5 m depth
Net Buoyancy8 inch / 20 cm - 21 lb/ft / 31 kg/m
12 inch / 30 cm - 52 lb/ft / 76.8 kg/m
Breaking Strength9,200 lb / 4,173 kg
Ballast5/16 inch / 8 mm galvanized chain
Available Depths3 ft to 30 ft / .91 m to 9.14 m
Length100 ft / 30 m standard

Turbidity Curtain Questionnaire

In order that we may recommend the best Turbidity Curtain for your project, please provide the following information. We have included some questions that will help us better understand your needs. Please answer as many as possible. If the flow rate is high, Elastec can provide modeling data to determine anchor spacing and feasibility of systems.

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