The SeaSkater (Specs) is a self-adjusting weir oil skimmer, it represents a significant step forward in weir skimmer design. Conventional weir skimmers typically have the float frame under the skimmer, the unique SeaSkater has it above to reduce draft. The SeaSkater has large diameter floats to increase the water line beam, combined with lightweight design, results in a new generation of weir skimmers with unparalleled responsiveness to wave movements. Fill out our questionnaire and tell us about your project.

The high buoyancy to weight ratio of the SeaSkater weir oil skimmer limits drastic changes in draft due to oil skimmer loading. The unique tubular aluminum frame is constructed with a triangular rigid member to increase the impact resistance and strength of the skimmer. The arms disconnect for shipping and storage.

The SeaSkater is fitted with our ES400 helical screw pump. This pump is capable of handling heavy oils as well as running dry. This pump can be removed from the skimmer and used for other duties. The SeaSkater can be supplied as a complete system with diesel hydraulic power unit and hoses. It can also be powered by our Multi-Purpose Crawler Carrier.

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SeaSkater Weir Skimmer Specifications

Recovery520 gpm / 118 m3h
Weight215 lb / 98 kg
Dimensions90 inch diameter x 28 inch / 2.28 m diameter x 0.71 m

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