The X30 skimming system utilizes the latest Grooved Discs (patented) for recovering oil from the surface of the water. These discs are the same technology that was utilized in the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE. Elastec/American Marine won this $1m competition. The award-winning system was able to recover 4670 gpm / 1060 cubic metres per hour! – at an average 90% efficiency when officially and independently tested at the Ohmsett facility in New Jersey. We also manufacture an X30 Cassette insert for our Marco Filterbelt Response Vessel.

The X30 Cassette is a custom skimming system for side-channel-equipped oil recovery vessels.

It was tested both in calm conditions and in waves. It beat competitive designs from around the world to win top honor. Copies of test reports and X Prize competition results are available on request. Grooved Disc systems have been independently tested at Ohmsett on three occasions now proving the technology is scalable.

The X30 is a custom fabricated system for dedicated oil spill recovery vessels fitted with side channel systems similar to the vessel designed and built by Rozema.

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X30 Cassette Advancing System

The ELASTEC X30 Skimmer can be used as an advancing system consisting of a dual grooved disc skimmer and swinging rigid lead arms with booms. The system can be maneuvered quickly to capture moving oil. Collected oil can be pumped into storage tanks onboard the workboat or into a floating towable bladder. The arms can be folded back into a storage position against the hull when not in use.

X30 Cassette for Marco Filterbelt Response Vessel

The ELASTEC X30 Skimmer can be integrated with a Marco Filterbelt Response Vessel as well as a Rozema Response Vessel.

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