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Kvichak / Marco Filterbelt Boat

Elastec has had a close relationship with the manufacturers of the Kvichak / MARCO FilterBelt boat. Now out of production, we can support this vessel with spare parts and upgrades.

Originally known as the MARCO Class I Skimmer, these integrated vessels were developed and improved over the past 30 years. It is widely used by the US Navy, foreign governments, and commercial contractors around the world, with over 100 examples in operation worldwide.

Elastec can provide replacement parts for the FilterBelt™ and Filterpad™ plus accessories for all MARCO FilterBelt™ customers worldwide.

X30 Cassette for Kvichak

The ELASTEC X30 Skimmer is manufactured by Elastec and can be integrated with a Marco Filterbelt Response Vessels to upgrading the recovery capacity and efficiency. We are now able to offer Grooved Disc upgrades for the Marco Class V vessels.

For domestic U.S. parts and support requests, please contact Elastec: email: Tel: +1 618-382-2525.

Read how the Filterbelt Skimmer works.

The system is able to screen debris and entrained solids from the oil, which is then retained on board in recovered oil tanks. Once full, the boat can quickly transit to the disposal location where the oil is pumped from the holding tanks using the integral offloading system.

Interchangeable filtering “pads” allow the Filterbelt to recover a wide range of oils, from fresh jet fuel and diesel oil, up to the heaviest weathered oils and “mousses.” Packaged on a trailer, the boat can be shipped internationally or towed to the deployment locations.

  • X30 Disc Skimmer upgrade available
  • Lightweight construction
  • Screens debris and entrained solids from the oil

Kvichak / Marco Filterbelt Boat Photos

Kvichak / Marco Filterbelt Boat Video

How the filterbelt skimmer works

Sweep adapters are stored forward and lowered into the water to provide a 4-foot wide inlet for skimmer at up to three knots. Sweep extender plates increase the width to more than 7 feet for skimmer at a knot or less. The boat comes equipped with boom adapters that accommodate ASTM boom connectors for enhanced, towed V-Boom skimmer operations. The Filterbelt’s integral induction pump even allows it to operate in stationary mode.

Oil and debris is conveyed to deck level and removed from the Filterbelt. Debris is separated from the recovered oil as it passes through the debris basket and into the collection well. An automatic decanting system in the collection well increases recovery efficiency be allowing recovered water to be discharged back through the Filterbelt. Recovered oil is then transferred to one of the three recovered oil tanks onboard, and can be pumped directly to a supplemental storage device.

How the filterbelt skimmer works

Filterbelt oil skimmer boat drawing 1
Filterbelt oil skimmer boat drawing 2

Multiple Jobs – Multiple Pads

Filterbelt skimmer backing belt
Filterbelt skimmer sheen pad
Filterbelt skimmer diesel pad
Filterbelt skimmer lube & fresh crude pad