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Kvichak / Marco Filterbelt Boat

The Kvichak / MARCO FilterBelt boat is a rapid response oil skimming vessel that can operate in protected waters such as ports, harbors and inland environments. The lightweight construction allows this boat to rapidly arrive on scene and immediately start cleanup operations. The boat incorporates an advancing filterbelt skimmer that enables the boat to skim oil with high efficiency while moving.

Elastec and Vigor have formed an alliance to better serve customers of MARCO FilterBelt™ oil skimmer systems and Kvichak Oil Spill Recovery Vessels (OSRVs).

The system is able to screen debris and entrained solids from the oil, which is then retained on board in recovered oil tanks. Once full, the boat can quickly transit to the disposal location where the oil is pumped from the holding tanks using the integral offloading system.

Elastec is Vigor’s exclusive sales agent for Kvichak OSRVs outside of the United States. Elastec is also the exclusive replacement parts service provider of FilterBelt™ and Filterpad™ accessories for all MARCO FilterBelt™ customers worldwide.

The alliance between Elastec and Vigor creates a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of oil spill responders by providing some of the most reliable and effective oil spill response vessels and technologies available in the world today. Together, we are working to keep our world clean.

For domestic U.S. inquiries regarding Kvichak / MARCO Oil Spill Recovery Vessel (OSRV) sales, contact Vigor Marine:

Ross Hendrick ( or Art Parker ( Tel: 206-545-8485. Website:

For international inquiries regarding Kvichak / MARCO Oil Spill Recovery Vessel (OSRV) sales outside of the U.S., and all parts and support requests, please contact Elastec: email: Tel: +1 618-382-2525.

  • Features MARCO FilterBelt skimming system
  • Lightweight construction
  • Screens debris and entrained solids from the oil
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