Multi-Skimmer Package

A unique package of oil skimming equipment that provides a solution for most skimming jobs. At the heart of the package is a D7 diesel hydraulic power pack that’s used to run either a TDS118 skimmer or its larger brother, the TDS136. Also provided is the shallow draft self-adjusting SeaSkater NP weir skimmer. Oil is recovered from any of the three skimmer heads using our powerful lobe pump that is capable of handling a wide range of oils.

D7 oil skimmer power pack

D7 Oil Skimmer Power Pack

The D7 is a compact and portable diesel-driven hydraulic power pack for operating a range of equipment. This is the smallest skimmer power unit that we produce. Fitted with a single hydraulic circuit it is able to run an Elastec drum skimmer. Recovered oil can be collected from the skimmer using a separate pumping system.

This power pack features a hand and electric start diesel engine mounted in a steel cage frame fitted with hydraulic flow control. Handles and solid wheels are fitted so that the unit can be moved around the site. The open style allows excellent access for maintenance. A hydraulic pressure gauge shows the working pressures. This unit is also offered with high flotation tires and drop handles.

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Drive:Air cooled Yanmar 6.4 hp / 4.8 kW Tier 4 (5.8 hp / 4.3 kW Net Continuous)
diesel engine with 12 volt electric and recoil hand start
Max Hydraulic Output:3 gpm / 11.4 lpm @ 2,500 psi / 172 bar Variable speed control
Frame:Skid mount with lifting bracket
Hydraulic Tank:8 gallons / 30 litres. Spin on return filter, fluid level and temp gauges, tank
top filler/strainer
Fuel Tank:1.25 gallons / 4.7 litres
Hydraulic Quick Couplings:Stainless Steel
Lifting:Central lift point
Fabric Cover:Included
Dimensions:43 x 36 x 34 inch / 1.09 x 0.92 x 0.86 m
Weight:218 lb / 99 kg

The handles and wheels are removed for packaging. Hydraulic fluid not included with units.
Optional: Spares kit, skimmer, pump, high flotation tires, drop handles

Oil Skimmers

The Elastec floating drum oil skimmers are designed for continuous duty in oil spill or industrial applications. They are ideal for response operations in shallow waters such as creeks, rivers, and lakes as well as in harbors and near-shore incidents.

TDS118 oil skimmer

TDS118 Oil Skimmer

The Elastec TDS118 floating drum oil skimmer is available in pneumatic or hydraulic motor for oil spill response or industrial use. Due to its shallow draft and light weight, the TDS118 is ideal for cleanup in creeks, rivers and lakes. It is capable of recovering a wide range of oils.

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TDS136 oil skimmer

TDS136 Oil Skimmer

The Elastec TDS136 floating drum oil skimmer is designed for continuous duty in oil spill or industrial applications. The TDS136 skimmer is ideal for response operations in shallow waters such as creeks, rivers, and lakes as well as in harbors and near-shore incidents. It is capable of recovering both light and heavy oils with very low water content, typically 2 to 3%.

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TDS136 oil skimmer
Skimmer ModelTDS118TDS136
Recovery Rate*90 gpm / 20 m3h (Grooved Drum)170 gpm / 38 m3h (Grooved Drum)
Weight83 lb / 38 kg135 lb / 61 kg
Dimensions52 x 41 x 18 inch / 1.33 x 1.02 x 0.46 m92 x 42 x 18 inch / 2.34 x 1.07 x 0.46 m
ApplicationIndustrial, Inland, HarborIndustrial, Inland, Harbor, Coastal

*Tested at Ohmsett test facility according to ASTM F2709. Nameplate capacity verified by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Drum Options

Elastec offers a full lineup of innovative grooved drum, brush and discs inserts for our well-proven range of skimmers. These inserts represent patented technology that not only enhance recovery rates, but also expand the viscosity range that can be collected. Drum inserts are interchangeable in the field with minimal tools and effort.

Smooth drum option

Smooth Drum

Grooved drum option

Grooved Drum

Brush drum option

Brush Drum

Disc drum option

Disc Drum

SeaSkater NP weir skimmer

SeaSkater NP

The SeaSkater is a self-adjusting weir oil skimmer, it represents a significant step forward in weir skimmer design. Conventional weir skimmers typically have the float frame under the skimmer, the unique SeaSkater has it above to reduce draft. The SeaSkater has large diameter floats to increase the water line beam, combined with lightweight design, results in a new generation of weir skimmers with unparalleled responsiveness to wave movements.

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Skimmer ModelSeaSkater NP
Recovery Rate*Varies on pump/vacuum source
Weight167 lb / 76 kg
Dimensions74 x 67 x 34 inch / 188 x 170 x 87 cm
Shovelhead skimmer

Shovelhead Skimmer

The ELASTEC ShovelHead is a lightweight, suction skimmer that can be attached to a suction pump or vacuum system. The ShovelHead can recover a variety of oils or liquids from the water’s surface and is best suited in calm water conditions. The head can operate in minimal amounts of water due to a draft of only 2 inches / 50 mm.

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Shovelhead skimmer
Skimmer ModelShovelhead
Recovery Rate*Varies on pump/vacuum source
Weight26 lb / 12 kg
Dimensions47 x 28 inch / 119 x 70 cm

Lobe pump

Lobe Pump

The Elastec Lobe pump is a heavy duty diesel driven pump set, the lobe pump is capable of handling solids and viscous materials. For industrial or oil spill applications up to for product transfer such as filling and emptying trucks and transferring slurry between pits. Matched to an electric start 9hp / 6.7kW diesel engine the pump can deliver up to 159 gpm / 36 m3/h @ 58 psi / 4 bar.

Run Dry: The pump is capable of dry running for a period up to 30 minutes without damage
Self Priming: Up to 25 ft (wet)
Solids Handling: The lobe design handles tough applications where large solids may be present in the liquid. The two-wing design has a cavity between the lobes and housing – facilitating solids.

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Lobe pump
Engine9.3 hp (3,600 RPM) Yanmar air cooled diesel engine L-100V (Tier 4)
Recoil hand and electric start
Fuel Tank1.43 gallon / 5.4 litre
Fuel Consumption0.562 gallon per hour at 3,600 rpm
FrameSteel frame lifting point, two wheels and handles
PumpPositive Displacement Lobe
Pump Capacity198 gpm / 45 m3h
Suction/Discharge4 inch camlock
Pump Solids Handling1.9 inch / 48 mm
Weight538 lb / 244 kg
Dimension57 x 36 x 42 inch / 1.45 x 0.92 x 1.4 m
LiftingCentral lift point

Pump Construction

Bearing HousingGray cast iron, 230-260 Brinell hardness
Front CoverGray cast iron, 230-260 Brinell hardness
Front Wear PlateHardox, 550 Brinell hardness
Pump ShaftCarbon steel, ASTM A470
Shaft SleeveStellite coated stainless steel
Rear Wear PlateHardox, 550 Brinell hardness
Housing SegmentsGray cast iron, 230-260 Brinell hardness
Mechanical SealComponent seal, Duronite vs. Duronite
Rotor CoreGray cast iron with NBR cover

Optional: Spares kit, spark arrestor, engine over-speed, protection valve, fabric cover

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