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PACS Vacuum System Accessories

Accessories for the PACS Vacuum Trailer.

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PACS Accessories

The PACS vacuum system is available with a range of accessories that can be operated from the integral hydraulic system (depending on model ). We can operate drum skimmers such as our TDS118 and TDS136 units. Oil recovered by the skimmer is sucked up by the vacuum system. We can also operate hydraulically driven submersible pumps (E150 or ES400). These can be used to empty the vacuum tank or alone for product transfer.

We can also run a cold water high pressure washer system supplied complete with saddle tank, hose reel and hand held wand. Water is fed to the water pump from the saddle tank.

For dusty or sandy enviroments we can fit a large vacuum filter to help protect the vacuum pump from particulates. Note the PACS is primarily for wet materials or dense solids.

Accessories available;

• Floating drum skimmer for selective recovery of oil
• Submersible transfer pump – E150 or ES400
• High pressure water pump with saddle tank
• Floating suction head – ShovelHead
• Vacuum pump filter
• Working lights
• Engine over-speed protection valve
• Water injection collars
• Heating collars