The SeaSkaterNP self-adjusting weir skimmer represents a significant step forward in weir skimmer design. This skimmer is set up for an external suction pump or vacuum (supplied separately). Alternatively, the skimmer can be fitted with our ES400 hydraulically driven pump (optional extra). The skimming depth will self-adjust according to the suction rate. The suction is fitted with a trash screen within the weir assembly.

SeaSkaterNP has large diameter floats to increase the water line beam, combined with a lightweight design. Conventional weir skimmers typically have the float frame under the skimmer – the unique SeaSkaterNP has it above to reduce draft. The high buoyancy to weight ratio limits drastic changes in draft due to skimmer loading. The unique aluminum frame is constructed with a circular rigid member to increase the impact resistance and strength of the skimmer. The SeaSkaterNP is ideal for industrial, near shore or inland operations due to shallow draft and lightweight construction. The arms disconnect for shipping and storage.

The bellows in the self-adjusting weir assembly are fabricated using oil and chemical resistant fabric. This fabric is superior to rubber bellows and offers greater resistance to solvents often found in petrochemical installations.

SeaSkaterNP Photo Gallery

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