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Grooved Drum Technology

Elastec offers grooved drum technology for our line of oil skimmers. Grooved drums increase the skimmer's recovery rate dramatically

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Grooved Drum Skimmer Technology

The Grooved Drum Technology has been extensively tested by Ohmsett and researched by the University of California, Santa Barbara. These new drums will recover oil at a much higher rate and have been fully tested and evaluated. They are offered for all models of Elastec drum oil skimmers with the exception of the MiniMax skimmer. They may be retrofitted to existing skimmers.

Grooved Drum Research Paper - click here

The Grooved Drum technology has also been tested in icing conditions at the CRREL laboratory.

Disc and Brush Skimmer inserts

Elastec offers a full line up of innovative interchangeable inserts for our well proven range of drum skimmers. These inserts represent patented technology that not only enhance recovery rates but expand the viscosity range that can be collected. They are available for retrofitting to existing drum models or can be supplied as new systems.

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