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Magnum 400

Featuring eight, 36 inch / 91.44 cm drums, the Elastec Magnum 400 is built for buoyancy for open water and offshore oil spill response. It is the largest model in Elastec’s drum skimmer line. Steam heating coils are available for operations in icy or arctic conditions. Fill out our questionnaire and tell us about your project.

CE mark

The Elastec Magnum 400 is at home in oil spill response situations in coastal and offshore environments. It is capable of recovering a wide range of oils and sheen, from diesel to crude oils. Even with this large frame, the weight and draft of the oil skimmer is minimal due to the patented design. The simple construction and lightweight anodized frame will provide many years of service. A wave breaker can be fitted for open waters to help prevent over splash into the skimmer sump.

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  • Designed for open water and offshore oil spill response
  • Anodized aluminum frame for superior corrosion protection
  • Smooth drums, disc, and brush inserts available

Magnum 400 Photos

Oil Skimmer Questionnaire

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