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Oil spill response and recovery equipment for your every need - oil skimmers, boom, tanks, dispersant application systems, fire boom

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Whether it’s containment, recovery or disposal, Elastec has the equipment you need for your oil spill response situation. Our extensive range of oil spill response equipment includes oil skimmers, containment boom, fire boom, incinerators, trailer mounted vacuum systems, dispersant application equipment and power packs.

Oil Spill Containment Boom

Choose from our complete line of oil spill containment boom for inland, nearshore, coastal and offshore applications


Hydro-Fire® Boom is fire resistant water cooled boom that is an effective fire resistant barrier to prevent the spread of oil fires on water.


American Fireboom is a ceramic based containment boom used in controlled burning of spilled oil on water.


Safe Start Igniter is a proprietary tool used for igniting in-situ burns.

Oil Skimmer

Elastec oil skimmers can be used for industrial or emergency spill response applications. Elastec drum oil skimmers, for highly selective recovery, plus a range of weir skimmers are also available.

Aerostat 3 aerial surveillance

The Elastec Aerostat 3 offers real-time surveillance for a variety of aerial photography applications, including oil spill response and security.


BoomVane™ is a unique tool for deploying boom in rivers or from boats.

Portable Incinerators

SmartAsh – small multipurpose incinerator for a variety of waste in situations where other disposal options are limited

Portable Vacuum Trailer Systems

Portable vacuum trailer systems offered in a range of sizes. Trailer mounted tank units, all-terrain systems, industrial vacuums and a full line of accessories.

Rapid River Response System

The Rapid River Response System (R3S) is an effective oil spill recovery collaboration of highly-evolved technologies for wide, fast, shallow and remote rivers.

Aluminum Workboats

A range of vessels for supporting oil spill response operations plus trash and garbage colletion boats.

Dispersant Application Systems

ElaSpray and NeatSweep dispersant application systems. Both systems greatly reduce the amount of dispersant used with an automatic spray sensor.

Spill Response Trailers

We offer a full range of containers for storing or transporting oil spill response equipment and accessories. These containers can come in a range of sizes and styles and can be customized to suit your needs.

Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

We offer a full range of pumps and temporary storage tanks.