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R3S – Rapid River Response System

The Rapid River Response System (R3S) is an effective oil spill recovery solution for wide, fast, shallow and remote rivers. The R3S maximizes oil recovery and system mobility, and minimizes labor and logistical support.

The R3S assembly is comprised of a Kvichak MARCO Filterbelt Rapid Response Skimmer (RRS) vessel, two shallow water 0.5m BoomVanes™, two 150 ft legs of fast-water solid-core Elastec Optimax boom and a towable bladder. A work boat is required for the system.

Kvichak MARCO Filterbelt RRS: The Kvichak skimming vessel is a 30 ft self-propelled boat with an integral MARCO Filterbelt oil and debris recovery system. Capable of free running speed in excess of 16 knots and drawing less than a meter of water, the vessel has an onboard storage capacity of 1,000 gal / 3,800 L.

Towable Bladder: Trailing the Kvichak vessel is a reusable, 3.8 cu m, camlocked, 1,000 gal / 3,800 L storage bladder to provide additional temporary storage of recovered oil.

BoomVane™: Two, shallow water 0.5m BoomVanes™ keep the mouth of the sweep open behind the towing work boat.

Work Boat (Optional): A vessel with sufficient power and capable of maneuvering at a slow speed (about a knot) can be employed to tow the system.

Aerostat 3 (Optional): The Aerostat 3 oil spill aerial surveillance system can compliment the R3S by providing aerial photography and video for tracking the movement of the spill.

  • For wide, fast, shallow and remote rivers
  • Complete equipment solution
  • Maximizes oil recovery and system mobility

R3S – Rapid River Response System Photos

R3S – Rapid River Response System Video