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Oil Skimmers

Elastec manufactures some of the most efficient oil skimmer systems in the world. Our product line (drums, grooved discs, weir, belts and brushes) is designed for oil removal in inland, coastal and offshore recovery operations. Simple to operate, reliable and efficient for a range of oil viscosities and environments, Elastec oil skimmers are manufactured in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities in Carmi, Illinois.

Grooved drum oil skimmer

Selective and Non-Selective Oil Skimmers

Elastec drum and disc skimmers are made with an oleophilic (oil-attracting) material and are selective. This means oil adheres to the drum or disc and is separated from the water’s surface. Selective oil skimmers recover a higher concentration of oil and very little water. They are the most efficient floating oil skimmers to clean up a spill incident.

Non-selective skimmers do not discriminate between oil and water. Weirs (gravity oil skimmers) and suction skimmers collect oil, water and anything else on the surface.

Oil skimmer being tested at Ohmsett

Oil Skimmer Testing at Ohmsett

Elastec oil skimmer testing is performed at Ohmsett, one of the largest oil spill testing facilities in the world. It is located at the Naval Weapons Station Earle Waterfront in the United States. Ohmsett follows the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard F-2709-08 Standard Test Method for Determining Nameplate Recovery Rate of Stationary Oil Skimmer Systems.

Elastec grooved drum skimmers were used in a test at Ohmsett to determine if oil skimming operations are possible for fresh and weathered Bakken oil.