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Portable, industrial vacuum systems for municipalities, oil spill clean up, remediation and contractors.

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Elastec manufactures portable vacuum systems for municipalities, industrial use, oil spill cleanup, remediation, excavation and contractors. These systems can recover liquids, solids and sludge.

PACS trailer mounted vacuum system

PACS trailer mounted vacuum systems are available in a variety of configurations. PACS is designed for excavation and removing liquids, dense solids and sludge from land or water. The PACS vacuum trailer is approved for highway towing. Integral hydraulics allow the PACS to run oil skimmers and pumps, as well as lift the tank to dump contents.

MiniVac industrial vacuum system

The ELASTEC MiniVac is a portable vacuum system designed for oil spill response, and contractors. It is ideal for working in remote areas as well as industrial locations. The MiniVac can recover a wide range of liquids, oils and sludges with solids up to 2 inch / 50mm diameter.

All-Terrain portable vacuum trailer system

The ELASTEC All Terrain Vac is a high powered vacuum trailer system that is mounted on an ATV towable chassis with walking beam suspension. This unique system combines powerful vacuum abilities with the versatility of all terrain vehicles.

The All Terrain Vac can be fitted with removable tracks for use on soft ground, snow or beach. A small towable vacuum tank also available to compliment the system.
ELASTEC Drummit 55 gallon drum vacuum head

DrumIt can be used with vacuum trucks and other vacuum sources where liquids need to be collected into drums.

Vacuum Systems for Municipal, Industrial, Contractor and Emergency Response;

These vacuum systems recover all types of liquids in a broad range of viscosities; solids and debris are easily recovered by these rugged, easy to use vacuum trailer systems. DrumIt can be utilized to confine hazardous materials to a 55-gallon drum rather than contaminate the tanks of larger systems. Our portable systems cost much less than vacuum trucks while performing the same function.

Vacuum systems are used for many industrial applications. They utilize an engine to power a blower / vacuum pump, creating a large movement of air and vacuum that draws liquids and solids through hoses. The collected material is deposited in a tank or other holding/storage device. The size of engine and blower determine the power of the industrial vacuum system and its capacity.

Oil can be removed from the surface of water with a vacuum truck - however this method is somewhat inefficient. A vacuum truck will typically draw in much or more water than oil when used in the traditional way. However, our oil skimmer can be used to selectively remove the oil from the water and greatly improve the efficiency of the process. Oil can be recovered from the surface of water with 97% efficiency (3% water). Our oil skimmer is powered by hydraulics on the vacuum system. When the recovered liquid has filled the vacuum storage tank, a hydraulic transfer pump can be used to empty liquids from the tank.

Elastec offers practical solutions for virtually any type of vacuum system requirements for pollution control. Our vacuums are in use worldwide solving problems for customers.