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Towable bladder

Towable bladders and flexible tanks for water, fuel or oil spills and oil spill response.

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Towable Bladder - for temporary oil storage

Towable Bladders are temporary collapsible liquid storage containers that can be used to store oil or liquids on dry land or floating in water. A range of sizes are available, they can be towed by boat, empty or full.

The Elastec/American Marine Towable Bladders are offered five standard sizes with capacities ranging from 500 gallons to 3,500 gallons. (1,893 liters to 13,249 liters).

Flotation is provided by Ethafoam panels, covered with XR-5B yellow fabric. The tank body itself is also fabricated from oil and chemical resistant materials. Our tanks also feature twin tension members running down the sides of the bladder consisting of galvanized steel cables (vinyl coated). Fill/drain ports and relief valve are fitted as standard.

Towing Ends comprise of heavy-duty aluminum connectors with aluminum back plate. A matching tow bridle is provided to tow the bladder from either end. Supplied with tow bridle and carry bag.