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Weir Skimmer - OceanSkater

ELASTEC OceanSkater is a self-adjusting Weir Skimmer designed for nearshore and offshore oil spill response

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Weir skimmer operating near oil spill boom
OceanSkater weir skimmer skimming oil
Close up of OceanSkater weir skimmer suction

OceanSkater - self-adjusting weir oil skimmer

The OceanSkater self-adjusting weir skimmer represents a significant step forward in weir oil skimmer design. Conventional weir skimmers typically have the float frame under the skimmer while the unique OceanSkater has it above to reduce draft.

The OceanSkater has large diameter floats to increase the water line beam, combining with a lightweight design, results in a new generation of weir oil skimmers with unparalleled responsiveness to wave movements. The high buoyancy to weight ratio limits drastic changes in draft due to skimmer loading.

The unique tubular aluminum frame is constructed with a triangular rigid member to increase the impact resistance and strength of the skimmer. The OceanSkater is ideal for offshore and near shore operations due to shallow draft and lightweight construction. The high buoyancy to weight ratio also enables this oil skimmer to be used in open waters. The arms disconnect for shipping and storage.

The system is supplied with a hydraulic power unit with a 99hp / 74kW diesel engine and 12 Volt electric start. Mounted in a steel skid frame with lifting bracket. Power unit features variable speed control, hydraulic filter, fluid level and temp gauges, tank top filler/strainer.

Elastec Skimmers from Elastec on Vimeo.