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MAGNUM 100 - Floating Drum Oil Skimmer

The Elastec Magnum 100 drum skimmer is one of the lightest high performance oil skimmers on the market today.

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Magnum 100 oil skimmer being lowered into water
Magnum 100 with accessories
Magnum 100 drum oil skimmer in water

MAGNUM 100 - floating drum oil skimmer

The Elastec Magnum 100 is one of the lightest high performance oil skimmers on the market today. Suited for larger spills in rivers, lakes and harbors. This patented design uses the molded rotating drums both as collection units and floats - overcoming the need for heavy and expensive auxiliary flotation units and frames.

As with other models of Elastec drum oil skimmers we can provide the Magnum 100 with the latest Grooved Drums to enhance oil recovery.

The Magnum 100 is available with a choice of drives and recovered oil pumps. The offloading pump may be mounted on the oil skimmer for high head applications. The skimmer is available with hydraulic or pneumatic motor. The lightweight aluminum frame is anodized for superior corrosion protection. It may be used in industrial but also harbor and coastal environments. A wave breaker can be fitted for open waters to help prevent splash over into the skimmer sump.

The Magnum 100 is capable of recovering both light and heavy oils with very low water content - typically around only 2%. The motor, gearbox and drums are capable of thousands of hours of trouble free operation. The scrapers are self-adjusting to allow for wear.

Even with this large design, the weight and draft of the oil skimmer is minimal due to the patented design. The simple construction and lightweight anodized frame will provide many years of service.

Tested to ASTM Standard F2709.

Available with our ES400 Helical Screw pump and steam coil heating. Disc and Brush inserts are also available.

Grooved Drums are available for enhanced recovery rates.

Elastec Drum Oil Skimmers from Elastec on Vimeo.