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NeatSweep Oil Spill Dispersant System

ELASTEC NeatSweep Oil Spill Dispersant Spray System funnels oil before applying the oil spill dispersant chemical

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  NeatSweep® - oil spill dispersant spray system

Dispersant Application In Action
Deploying The NeatSweep
Dispersant Control System

The NeatSweep system is a new efficient means of applying oil dispersant chemicals onto an oil slick. The system works by funneling and concentrating the oil on the water’s surface before the chemical is applied. Traditional methods spray dispersant chemicals onto inconsistent oil layers spread out over water. The result is that dispersant usage can be reduced by up to 50%.

A computerized monitoring system controls the rate of dispersant application - drastically reducing waste. It senses the speed of the system through the water and self-adjusts the pumping rate. Oil enters the dispersant application zone at uniform thickness - reducing both over and under dosing and mis-targeting.

Diagram of the Neatsweep Dispersant Application System

The system includes two sections of AirMax boom, computerized oil spill dispersant pumping unit, dispersant application unit and mixing panel. This system allows the neat (full concentration) application of oil spill dispersant directly onto the oil. As the setup is more efficient more oil can be treated with each deployment. As an added bonus, operators are not exposed to wind blown chemicals.

Independent tests at OHMSETT confirm efficiency of up to 92%.