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Floating Debris Boom & Trash barriers

Floating Debris Boom & Trash Barriers for containment in waterways, boat slips, and swimming areas

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Trash & Debris Containment Boom
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Floating Debris Boom & Trash Barriers

With over 40 years experience in design and manufacture of floating debris boom, Elastec has the right solution to contain unsightly and troublesome trash, debris, and garbage for removal. Trash and Debris exclusion barriers can reduce the cost of expensive clean-up programs and protect sensitive areas such as water intakes.

Elastec Trash Barriers and Debris Boom help control waste in the waterways, increasing water quality and providing easy removal of trash and debris from the water.

Our products provide protection for intakes, boat slips, and swimming areas. We carry a line of products for all trash and debris applications from light duty to heavy duty permanent installations.

Our trash & debris booms are available with a flexible PVC, sturdy belting or screen construction. We also have a steel boom for high load and current applications - BruteBoom