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Mediburn medical waste incinerator

Mediburn is a Portable Medical Waste Incinerator that is easy to operate and can be used in remote locations.

Mediburn Medical Waste Incinerator
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Mediburn Portable Incinerator
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MediBurn Portable Medical Waste Incinerator

Environmentally safe, compact, incinerator, and easy to operate, MediBurn is a diesel-fueled medical waste incinerator for hospitals and clinics. Available in two sizes, the original MediBurn is capable of disposing of up to 8 cubic feet (0.22 cubic meters) batch-loads of infectious and pathological waste with a burn rate of 18 to 20 kg per hour. MediBurn 30 offers 1/3 more capacity than the original MediBurn, disposing up to 10.5 cubic feet (0.30 cubic meters) of waste with a burn rate of 30 kg per hour. Both now offer modulating burners and under-air technology providing up to 50% more in fuel savings than the original model. They also offer electronic controls for improved safety and system control. Multi-language support is available.

MediBurn incinerates everything from laboratory waste to animal remains with clean emissions. The incinerators’ small footprint makes it easy to fit in facilities with limited space. Its portability and simple installation offers the flexibility for relocation. MediBurn medical waste incinerator is easy to operate and requires minimal training.

  • Minimal training
  • Quick setup & ready to use upon delivery
  • Easy to operate with state-of-the-art controls
  • Requires only power supply connection and diesel fuel
  • Automatic pre-set cycle control for efficient fuel consumption
  • Thermostatic temperature control for efficient fuel consumption
  • Dual chamber combustion and high exhaust temperatures in excess of 1000°C (1832°F)
National Stock Numbers;
MediBurn (0MEDI-220): 4540-01-551-9666
MediBurn Spares (0KIT-SP130): 4540-01-551-9551
MediBurn30 (0MEDI-230): 4540-01-581-2479
MediBurn30 Spares (0KIT-SP133): 4540-01-581-2546
ThermoCouple (4THERCO000C): 6685-01-567-5073

MediBurn 30
The MediBurn 30 is the latest model with new modulating burners and under-air technology to provide up to 50% fuel savings over the original MediBurn. It also has 1/3 more capacity per batch load. The electronic controls are easy to use and have been updated to provide greater safety and control of the system plus multi-language support.

  • Same mobile design as original MediBurn
  • Easy-to operate and maintain but with newer, more feature-rich controls
  • Larger capacity
  • More fuel efficient
  • Provides same level of destruction as original MediBurn

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