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TDS118 Oil Skimmers

Elastec TDS118 oil skimmers are available in pneumatic or hydraulic drive for oil spill response or industrial use

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TDS118 oil skimmer with smooth drum
TDS118 oil skimmer with grooved drum
TDS118 oil skimmer in water

TDS118 Floating Drum Oil Skimmers

The ELASTEC TDS118 drum oil skimmer is available in pneumatic or hydraulic drive for oil spill response or industrial use. Due to its' shallow draft and light weight, this handy oil skimmer is ideal for clean up in creeks, rivers and lakes. It is equally at home in an API separator or inland river spill. It is capable of recovering a wide range of oils.

TDS118 drum oil skimmers are one of our most popular models, and is typically in stock for quick deliveries.

The TDS118 is capable of recovering both light and heavy oils with very low water content - typically around only 2 to 3%. The motor, gearbox and drums are capable of thousands of hours of trouble free operations. The scrapers are self-adjusting to allow for wear.

The TDS118 oil skimmer is supplied fitted with either an air or hydraulic motor.The pneumatic model can be connected directly to a vacuum truck for an efficient oil spill response unit or routine pit cleanup operations.

The lightweight aluminum frame is anodized for superior corrosion protection.

Tested to ASTM Standard F2709.

Grooved Drums are available for enhanced recovery rates.

Elastec Oil Skimmers from Elastec on Vimeo.

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