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Marine Demarkation Security Barrier

Elastec Marine Demarkation Security Barriers are designed to mark specific areas of the water

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Marine Demarkation Security Barrier Deployed

Marine Demarkation Security Barrier

Security Barriers are highly visible floating barriers use to physically mark an area of exclusion in the water. Our durable marine security barriers have a high tensile strength and foam filled floats that will maintain buoyancy even if the outer shell is pierced. Our systems are design for long duration deployment and have a number of applications.

Elastec constructs durable marine demarkation barriers to exclude boat traffic from secure areas in the water. Designed to be highly visible to boaters and can be enables with solar marker lights for further protection of secure areas at night.

We offer floating barriers of different construction including a steel barrier - Brute Boom . The Optimax boom barrier is fitted with a top cable which can be used to secure surveillance cameras.