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Elastec manufactures custom boom, barriers and curtains for invasive aquatic plant, vegetation and underwater weed control

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Invasive Aquatic Plant Control
Beach Bouncer sargassum seaweed control
Aquatic Plant Containment Boom

Invasive Aquatic Plant Control

Aquatic Plant Control Barriers are used for the control and containment of aquatic plant life. Our barriers are designed with an emphasis on improving water quality and are used to maintain a natural, balanced ecosystem. Elastec barriers have recreational, agricultural, and industrial uses and control water born pollutants and vegetation. There are many uses for aquatic plant containment boom/screens:

• Ponds
• Lakes
• Boat Slips
• Sea Grass Containment
• Rivers
• Swimming Areas

Whether trying to collect or exclude aquatic plants, our barriers can be designed for a variety of control depths.
Different types of floatation can be used on these barriers depending on the water conditions, the duration of use, and type of plant and debris to be contained.

Different types of skirts can also be used underneath the floatation such as: netting, filter cloth, and solid fabric depending on the type of containment needed and water conditions. Contact us for the type of plant control barrier that will work for you project.

Beach Bouncer

Beach Bouncer Barrier LogoElastec designed the Beach Bouncer barrier to control seagrass. This boom is specially designed to keep sargassum seaweed and other types of floating debris off the beaches and at sea so that it can be carried away with the current.

CLICK HERE for more information on the ELASTEC Beach Bouncer Barrier


  • Resorts
  • Harbors
  • Beaches
  • Residential areas
  • Boat Docks
  • Marinas
  • Swimming Areas


  • Seagrass
  • Seaweed
  • Sargassum
  • Trash & Debris
  • Underwater Plants
  • Aquatic Weeds
  • Lake Weeds
  • Aquatic Vegetation



The PermaFence boom is designed for permanent installations and minimum maintenance. This heavy-duty boom is capable of withstanding long-term deployments and the arduous conditions of permanent installations. 

CLICK HERE for more information on the ELASTEC PermaFence Barrier