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Elastec / Marco Portable FilterBelt Skimmer

The Elastec / MARCO Portable FilterBelt Skimmer is an oil-absorbing conveyance belt system that filters oil and debris from the water. The water passes through the FilterBelt while the oil is scraped from the belt into a sump hopper. Debris is manually collected in a separate container. This system has been incorporated into 279 custom-built oil skimming vessels worldwide since 1973. It is now available from Elastec in a portable platform that can be deployed from vessels of opportunity such as landing craft, barges and fishing boats. Formerly called the Marco SideWinder, this skimming technology has been tested by the U.S. Navy and at Ohmsett. The SideWinder was deployed in several oil spills in previous years, including the Exxon Valdez incident in 1989. Read our guide to different types of oil skimmers.

The FilterBelt Oil Skimmer can be used in both stationary and advancing modes, with or without booms. The skimmer can be set up in a variety of configurations, allowing it to be deployed from the bow, or sides of a vessel. It features an induction pump which pulls oily water through the belt. Due to the nature of the belting material, primary separation of oil from water takes place at the surface of the water. Once the belt reaches the top, heavy oil and debris are removed by the scraper and drained into the collection hopper. Light oils can be recovered using optional pads attached to the belt passing through a squeeze roller.

Utilizing a powerful induction pump, the backing belt with optional pads is extremely effective in recovering highly viscous to very light debris-contaminated oils. The sump hopper is fitted with both a screen for debris separation and a siphon system to return water to the belt.

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  • Can be fitted to front or side of a vessel
  • Able to pick up debris, as well as oil
  • Multiple pad types available

Elastec / Marco Portable FilterBelt Skimmer Photos

Elastec / Marco Portable FilterBelt Skimmer Video

The Elastec / MARCO Portable FilterBelt Skimmer is available in several lengths and is packaged with a hopper, hydraulic hoses and mounting assemblies. Options available are diesel-driven hydraulic power units, recovered oil transfer pumps, FilterBelt pads (for light oil) and trash/debris sacks. The skimmer is compatible with Elastec’s D10 hydraulic power pack.

The Portable FilterBelt Skimmer can be deployed over the bow or the side of the vessel – to empty a boom sweeping system, for example. Its unique ability to handle debris-laden oil alleviates one of the most challenging recovery obstacles that responders encounter.

Multiple Jobs – Multiple Pads

Filterbelt skimmer backing belt
Filterbelt skimmer sheen pad
Filterbelt skimmer diesel pad
Filterbelt skimmer lube & fresh crude pad
Filterbelt oil skimmer details

A 2015 U.S. Government report, “Oil Pollution Research and Technology Plan” issued by the Interagency Coordinating Committee on Oil Pollution Research (ICCOPR), concluded that research on “equipment and techniques to manage and dispose of oil, oily water, oiled soils,and oiled debris recovered during both on-water and on land oil pollution incidents” is a priority.

Elastec is the exclusive service provider for Marco FilterBelt and FilterPad replacement parts and accessories. Contact us for information.

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FilterBelt skimmer configurations

Filterbelt oil skimmer configruations

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