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Oil Spill Recovery Equipment

In 1990, the first Elastec Drum Skimmer was invented. Today, Elastec is a leading manufacturer of purpose-built oil spill recovery equipment for inland, nearshore and offshore incidents, skimmers, oil boom, fire boom, BoomVane™, dispersant application systems, work boats, industrial vacuums, specialized vehicles, storage tanks, pumps and power units.

Elastec provides oil spill recovery systems and equipment training for energy companies, Oil Spill Recovery Organizations (OSROs), governments, refineries, coast guards and petroleum transportation companies around the world.

Grooved disc oil skimmers

Oil Spill Recovery Equipment

Drum type oil skimmer

Oil Skimmers

Elastec manufactures some of the most efficient oil skimmer systems in the world. Our oil spill recovery equipment (drums, grooved discs, weir, belts and brushes) is designed for oil removal in inland, coastal and offshore oil spill recovery operations. Simple to operate, reliable and efficient for a range of oil viscosities and environments.

Oil spil recovery equipment containment boom

Oil Containment Boom

American Marine, a division of Elastec, has been manufacturing quality products since 1967. We are an industry leader in the manufacture of oil containment boom. Our standard oil containment boom is always in stock. Elastec offers a wide variety of accessories. We can also manufacture custom boom to fill individual needs.

Oil spill recovery equipment work boat

Work Boats

Elastec’s aluminum work boats are stewards of the waterways. From skimming oil to skimming trash and debris, they are keeping our waterways clean. We manufacture a range of boats from multi-purpose to landing craft and customized oil spill recovery vessels. We are proud of our skilled AWS qualified welders and our ISO 9001:2015 accredited manufacturing facilities. Elastec’s boat line includes the Omni Catamaran marina maintenance vessel, Rozema OSRV (Oil Spill Response Vessel), Elastec Kvichak/MARCO Filterbelt oil spill skimmer vessel and aluminum landing craft.

Oil spill recovery vacuum systems

Vacuum Systems

Elastec manufactures vacuum systems for industrial, municipal, and oil spill recovery. Easy to tow and maneuver in congested work spaces, these rugged vacuum systems are purpose-built to clean up oil, liquids, solids, and sludge. Our trailer mounted vacuum systems are designed to go where large vacuum trucks can’t, and for jobs where vac trucks are not cost effective./p>