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Custom TurbiDity Curtain Designs

Elastec manufactures Custom Turbidity and Silt Curtains for control of silt and sediment during construction, dredging, remediation and other applications

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Custom turbidity curtain detail under water
Turbidity curtain view above water

Custom Turbidity Curtains and Silt Curtains

With over 40 years experience Elastec is known as the industry leader in custom turbidity curtain designs. We can build curtains to fit the job. Tapered curtains, barge curtains, dive curtains, swim curtains, net curtains and baffle curtains are just some of the custom projects we manufacture.

Deep Curtains

Elastec has proven deep curtain skirt designs to 100 foot depth. We can provide sustainable deep curtain systems for applications where deep curtains are required such as drinking water reservoirs and pipeline projects.

PermaFence Curtains

For turbidity curtain applications in water containing ice, debris, oil, or long term semi-permanent installations, Permafence curtains would be a good fit. The Permafence curtains offer a strong, heavy duty, algaecide treated belting curtain top with bolt on HDPE foam filled floats.

Barge Curtains

For dredging projects that require the curtain to move with the barge, or for projects that require very localized containment of sediment we offer barge curtains. These curtains can be floating or cable attached to the dredging barge and variably deployed to needed depths of coverage.