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Oil Skimmer Test Kit

The Oil Skimmer Working Principle is demonstrated on the small Elastec Oil Skimmer Test Kit

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Oil skimmer testing kit pouring in oil
Oil skimmer working principle demonstrated
Oil skimmer testing kit demonstrates how an oil skimmer works

Oil Skimmer Test Kit

We offer a miniature hand operated oil skimmer test kit. This kit is ideal for assessing the likely performance of our drum oil skimmer. Simply pour the oil with water into the tray and turn the handle. If oil is recovered by the drum you can expect a full size skimmer to work! Also ideal for training and spill schools.

Oil Skimmer Working Principle Demonstrated

As the floating drums rotate, oil adheres to the drum surface separating it from the water. Oil is wiped from the drum surface and drained into the collection trough. In a full size skimmer the oil would be pumped or sucked out to a remote containment location.

How an oil skimmer works


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