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ElaSpray Oil Spill Dispersant System

ELASTEC ElaSrpay Oil Spill Dispersant Spray System is a portable system that can be mounted to a vessel

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Components for the Elaspray oil spill dispersant spray system

ElaSpray - oil spill dispersant spray system

ElaSpray is a portable boat mounted dispersant spraying system for the application of oil spill dispersant chemicals at sea. The system is designed for easy installation on tugboats, offshore supply vessels or other types of vessels.

The system contains a compact diesel engine driven pump for spraying dilute or neat dispersant, mounted in a stainless steel frame. A set of two marine grade aluminum spray arms are mounted on the supporting post and secured by the topping wires. Each spray arm is mounted with spray nozzles.

It is typical for the dispersant spray arms to be mounted towards the bow of the vessel. This allows the chemical to be applied on oil undisturbed by the bow wave. The nozzle height is typically adjusted once the arms are installed by altering the downtube length. This is to ensure that an even spray pattern is achieved on the water. We can supply spray arms in different lengths to suit the vessel.

The ElaSpray oil spill dispersant spray system is supplied with suction and discharge hoses plus foot plates ready to mount on the vessel to support the arms. As an optional extra, hand held spray lances can be provided.