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Elastec manufactures oils spill response trailers and containers that can be customized with oil spill equipment for emergency response.

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Spill Response Trailer

Emergency Spill Response Trailers

Elastec offers a full range of customizable trailers for storing and transporting oil spill response equipment and accessories. Our spill response trailers may be equipped with a side door to give you full access to the equipment and are perfect for storing equipment near control points established in your emergency spill response plan.

Spill response trailers can also be ordered in a range of sizes and styles, including fully enclosed with a ramp/door access or open bed. They can be packaged with a full complement of oil spill response equipment including:

Oil Spill Response Equipment Containers

Elastec also offers customizable containers for oil spill response equipment. We typically provide 20ft. and 40ft. ISO containers that can be fitted with side opening doors, providing access to the contents. Our facility can manufacture custom storage solutions such as non-standard size shipping containers, racks and aluminum storage boxes.

Elastec can install rails for hanging oil containment boom inside spill response containers. This system allows the boom to be stored off the floor and pre-connected, ready for rapid deployment.

Note: The containment boom must be ordered with the hook system.