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Floating Booms & Floating Barriers

Custom containment - floating booms & barriers for marine trash & debris control and marine demarkation

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Trash and Debris Containment Boom

We manufacture a range of floating booms for trash and debris applications. They may be manufactured from heavy-duty fabric belting, or steel supported by floats.

Net Boom For Invasive Marine Species

Net Boom has a variety of applications and is mostly used to control trash, debris, and aquatic plants at jobsites, intakes, outfalls and marinas.

Beach Bouncer Barrier

Aquatic plant control barriers are floating booms designed with an emphasis on improving water quality and are used to maintain a natural, balanced ecosystem. Our barriers have recreational, agricultural and industrial uses and control water born pollutants.

Marine Demarkation Barrier

Marine Demarkation Barriers are highly visible floating barriers use to physically mark an area of exclusion in the water. Our durable barriers have a high tensile strength and foam filled floats.


Baffles, Nets, Aquatic Plant Control Screens

Our floating aquatic weed screens, debris nets, barriers and baffles are designed with emphasis on improving water quality through reduction and control of water-born pollutants at the source.

Elastec is a leading manufacturer of pollution containment and control products for industrial applications. We have given special attention to waste water treatment, intake and outflows and recreational facilities. During our 35 years in this industry we have developed a comprehensive Research and Development strategy to insure we are current with our customer’s evolving needs.